The Sufi Quality ‘Ya Allah Ya Wakil’: Trusting Divinity

A haunting majesty of brilliant lights twinkling mischievously and beautifully sparkling from a sea of white…beckoning me today, like a sirens call…

Loon Mountain.

Beneath the skis of transitory enthusiasts the life beat of the mountain lives…outside of time…in each of us. We carry her silent yet luminous strength past the echo of the day as she carries us, effortlessly riding her smooth curves. She is our anchor, our root.


The cobalt blue sky reminding me of the tiny yet immeasurably valuable little specks we each are within a grand and elusive cosmos. Macrocosm held within Microcosm. I think of Mars…did you know the sky rises red and the sun sets blue on Mars? Let’s go for a picnic!


The earth from within the folds of Saturn’s smooth and continuous rings…peering across at us from a ball of blue and white, so very vulnerable and innocent. Stillness. Hanging on a velvet sheet, startlingly serene beauty, peaceful quite…I am in awe that we arise, reach the pinnacle of and stretch down to the nadir of Majesty…all within just one brief lifespan. Mystery and Creation entwined in a love affair unfolding inside each transient breath we take.


Spirit spoke to my deep heart today. Evading the seductive twinkle of the mountains illustrious call…Gnosis unfolded her wisdom on brilliant threads of black and white. My deeper spirit, tethered to a higher destiny, aligned…responded.

The electrical fire, plaguing my dreams, popped and crackled today…red flames threatening to eclipse over 400 years of memories. My home, rescued, remains intact.

Thank you Gnosis, Thank you Divinity, Thank you Wisdom, Thank You Listening, Thank You…God.

May peace and blessings, love and kindness, and the awesome power of your inner knowing…your inner unity, be a loving friend to you always.

Ya Allah Ya Wakil…The Sufi Quality Trusting of Divinity.

One thought on “The Sufi Quality ‘Ya Allah Ya Wakil’: Trusting Divinity

  1. Leah, what beautiful words and ideas. I find myself taking a deep breath, pausing from my work and gazing out the window at the snow covered branches where many small chickadees are scampering – all of us waiting for the coming spring warmth that this sunny day promises. And, I’m particularly drawn to the thought: “What if we look at failure as Adventure?” Life is an adventure, and without failure we cannot know success. There are plenty of failures in my life, but they have taught me everything I know. Thanks for encouraging this moment of introspection.

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