Unfolds timeless wings

Mysterious awakening

Blossoming a sense

of rediscovery and wonderment.


Gracefully Bows to

Oceans of light


Radiantly Rediscovering

 Releasing Thinking

‘We Know’


A journey of freedom




Of Divinity

Reflecting Brilliant

Breaths of Awareness.


Becoming, Merging

To Freedom

Cascading  Stars

Rings Spiraling


Seeds of Discovery


Divine Abundance


Wild beating of

Hummingbirds wings

Sparkling Gold

Pollen bracelets on

Honeybees ankles

Outside of Time.

Gaze softly

In other’s eyes



For a single Breath

Looking deeply

Embracing Quietness





A Baby’s Innocence


To be Known As



Of Divinity

Shining in majesty






Evolving Moments



Reality as we know it


Into a deeper sense of Presence

A deeper reflection of Truth


If we wait long enough

Holding our gaze unwavering

Our hearts and souls open

We feel our vulnerability…

Our tender hearts

Perhaps some fear

Choosing to remain inside Moment

Realization awakens

We are the same


As whom we are witnessing

Same bundle of light,

Same sharing

Of Emotion

 Same Needs

Vulnerability Mirrored

And the same Deep, Deep Beauty.


Here, our fear melts away…

Our anger is transmuted

Our hearts have no choice

But to Honor


In Humility and Love.

In Sameness.

For those brief precious moments

Time Stands Still…

Life as we know it melts away…

All we see

Is the Astounding truth of Divinity…

And that is just the Beginning.


Today I saw a video hosting Adam Brawn, founder of ‘Pencils of Promise’, building schools in impoverished countries. Amazingly Inspirational! Adams story deeply touches the Heart. Below is my personal reflection.

Check out pencilsofpromise.org

A Beautiful expression of Light and Divinity…Adam exemplifies what we can do when we open to Spirit and allow our guidance to flow freely. Action plus Inspiration…I was brought to tears by the poignant story of a little Indian child stating that if she could have anything in the world it would be…a pencil. We can’t help but be deeply moved by the mixture of Aliveness, Innocence, and incredibly harsh conditions faced by people who live outside of our comfy borders. Strength comes to mind…endurance, compassion, and perseverance. Adam is an inspiration, living a dream that so many of us have in our hearts to succeed in making a magnificent change in the world. We live in the illusion that we are too small and our idea is too big…that we can’t make it alone…that we are powerless and up against an immovable wall. Imagine the shift in consciousness in a world where our dreams were cultivated as children, where we came together in Unity, and knew that we can, we will and we are co-creating a new paradigm that is uplifting all beings. All my life I too, like so many, have day dreamed of ways to help…from building bridges of love, prayer, hope…Prayers for Peace…to teaching agriculture, irrigation, health and healing, to radical ways of fundraising…my deepest dream has been to spread peace, open to love, healing, and uplift each other globally. I hear Adam’s story and I am reminded that his enormous compassion and love are enough to begin strings of change…within the communities he is uplifting and enriching…as well as in the hearts of all who hear his story. I am deeply grateful to receive his message…I too had a close brush with death experience and can relate to the radical transformation that comes from a kind of liberation of the soul. Empowerment. Freedom. Love. Courage. Way to Go Adam!! Your unique gifts have created a river of enduring love…from which may spring forth many, many more! In Love and Peace and the Harmony of the One to ALL!

The Sufi Quality ‘Ya Allah Ya Wakil’: Trusting Divinity

A haunting majesty of brilliant lights twinkling mischievously and beautifully sparkling from a sea of white…beckoning me today, like a sirens call…

Loon Mountain.

Beneath the skis of transitory enthusiasts the life beat of the mountain lives…outside of time…in each of us. We carry her silent yet luminous strength past the echo of the day as she carries us, effortlessly riding her smooth curves. She is our anchor, our root.


The cobalt blue sky reminding me of the tiny yet immeasurably valuable little specks we each are within a grand and elusive cosmos. Macrocosm held within Microcosm. I think of Mars…did you know the sky rises red and the sun sets blue on Mars? Let’s go for a picnic!


The earth from within the folds of Saturn’s smooth and continuous rings…peering across at us from a ball of blue and white, so very vulnerable and innocent. Stillness. Hanging on a velvet sheet, startlingly serene beauty, peaceful quite…I am in awe that we arise, reach the pinnacle of and stretch down to the nadir of Majesty…all within just one brief lifespan. Mystery and Creation entwined in a love affair unfolding inside each transient breath we take.


Spirit spoke to my deep heart today. Evading the seductive twinkle of the mountains illustrious call…Gnosis unfolded her wisdom on brilliant threads of black and white. My deeper spirit, tethered to a higher destiny, aligned…responded.

The electrical fire, plaguing my dreams, popped and crackled today…red flames threatening to eclipse over 400 years of memories. My home, rescued, remains intact.

Thank you Gnosis, Thank you Divinity, Thank you Wisdom, Thank You Listening, Thank You…God.

May peace and blessings, love and kindness, and the awesome power of your inner knowing…your inner unity, be a loving friend to you always.

Ya Allah Ya Wakil…The Sufi Quality Trusting of Divinity.

The Sufi Quality ‘Al Kabir’ The Seed of Potential

Awakening and nourishing the precious essence of our seed of potential may require a delicate cultivation of love, safety, creativity and faith. As we hone the necessary ingredients of soil, sunshine and water…to birth our creation…what may spring into existence is a part of us that wants to hide under our covers for a while. Where does this delicate aspect of us come from?

We may hear voices in our head that says: ‘Who are you to realize your dreams and manifest your potential?’ Or critical elements left over from the often scarred landscape of childhood that threaten our potential by whispering fears, and words of smallness in our ears.

Stories with bad endings may threaten our sleep…what if we go down this road? Will we survive it? Will we have enough energy? or even worse…will we FAIL??

I think of Thomas Edison…a personal hero of mine…a wonderful inspiration about triumph through repetition and failure. Sources vary on the amount of tries it took Edison to create the light bulb-Some say as many as 10,000 while others vary from 1,000 to 3,000. Imagine the drive it takes to keep on trying! In an interview when asked about his failures Edison replied: ‘It just meant that I was that many times closer to success.’

As children we are trained to believe that we are not good enough if we fail. In order to be viable at this beautiful creation we have found ourselves in… called life, we must be a great ‘success.’ But what is it really to be successful? In our quest to attain achievement there may be times when we may stop and ask ourselves is this really what we want? Forgetting or maybe never knowing that it is through trial and error that we come to live a fulfilled, rich, successful life we may become bogged down in a life that is less than what we had hoped for.

What if we look at failure as Adventure?

Freedom comes to mind. If we gave ourselves the luxury, the freedom to co-create a life of wonder, a life of creativity and exploration…a cultivation of love, peace and wisdom within ourselves, how would that manifest outside ourselves?

I’d like to invite you to take a moment to breathe deeply into your lower abdomen, settling into your chair, and feel gently into this moment. Are you where you want to be? If you were to manifest your brilliance, your joy, or your future you, how would that feel? 🙂

There is an ancient Sufi Quality that speaks to our hearts, It is named ‘Al-Kabir’ and refers to the manifestation of the greatest possibility of our lives. The mantra is: “Ya Allah Al Kabir’. It touches that delicate place in our heart that is scared and helps provide a feeling of expansion, love and safety. These Sufi Qualities contain a tone, a melody in their recitation that allows for a higher vibration to settle into our bodies, minds, heart and spirit. Our intention is opening to Divinity, to Light, to Love…and aligning our highest selves and wisdom accordingly. Studied around the world for centuries, Sufi prayers and Sufi healing brings forth a beautiful Divine light which illuminates our minds as well as the totality of our beings…healing in a unique and powerful way. As we set our intention, the architecture of light that creates our experiences swirls into creation. We are powerful creators of our destiny’s and have such tremendous potential to realize our most precious dreams for the goodness of all of humanity.

I have found personally, while studying Sufism and spiritual healing, that those moments in which I can open to receive and live in this ‘light’ are moments that magically create my day in a way that my ‘self’ would never be capable of. Life takes on a beauty that is rich beyond measure. For me those days are like precious pearls in my life!