Today I saw a video hosting Adam Brawn, founder of ‘Pencils of Promise’, building schools in impoverished countries. Amazingly Inspirational! Adams story deeply touches the Heart. Below is my personal reflection.

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A Beautiful expression of Light and Divinity…Adam exemplifies what we can do when we open to Spirit and allow our guidance to flow freely. Action plus Inspiration…I was brought to tears by the poignant story of a little Indian child stating that if she could have anything in the world it would be…a pencil. We can’t help but be deeply moved by the mixture of Aliveness, Innocence, and incredibly harsh conditions faced by people who live outside of our comfy borders. Strength comes to mind…endurance, compassion, and perseverance. Adam is an inspiration, living a dream that so many of us have in our hearts to succeed in making a magnificent change in the world. We live in the illusion that we are too small and our idea is too big…that we can’t make it alone…that we are powerless and up against an immovable wall. Imagine the shift in consciousness in a world where our dreams were cultivated as children, where we came together in Unity, and knew that we can, we will and we are co-creating a new paradigm that is uplifting all beings. All my life I too, like so many, have day dreamed of ways to help…from building bridges of love, prayer, hope…Prayers for Peace…to teaching agriculture, irrigation, health and healing, to radical ways of fundraising…my deepest dream has been to spread peace, open to love, healing, and uplift each other globally. I hear Adam’s story and I am reminded that his enormous compassion and love are enough to begin strings of change…within the communities he is uplifting and enriching…as well as in the hearts of all who hear his story. I am deeply grateful to receive his message…I too had a close brush with death experience and can relate to the radical transformation that comes from a kind of liberation of the soul. Empowerment. Freedom. Love. Courage. Way to Go Adam!! Your unique gifts have created a river of enduring love…from which may spring forth many, many more! In Love and Peace and the Harmony of the One to ALL!

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