The Sufi Quality ‘Al Kabir’ The Seed of Potential

Awakening and nourishing the precious essence of our seed of potential may require a delicate cultivation of love, safety, creativity and faith. As we hone the necessary ingredients of soil, sunshine and water…to birth our creation…what may spring into existence is a part of us that wants to hide under our covers for a while. Where does this delicate aspect of us come from?

We may hear voices in our head that says: ‘Who are you to realize your dreams and manifest your potential?’ Or critical elements left over from the often scarred landscape of childhood that threaten our potential by whispering fears, and words of smallness in our ears.

Stories with bad endings may threaten our sleep…what if we go down this road? Will we survive it? Will we have enough energy? or even worse…will we FAIL??

I think of Thomas Edison…a personal hero of mine…a wonderful inspiration about triumph through repetition and failure. Sources vary on the amount of tries it took Edison to create the light bulb-Some say as many as 10,000 while others vary from 1,000 to 3,000. Imagine the drive it takes to keep on trying! In an interview when asked about his failures Edison replied: ‘It just meant that I was that many times closer to success.’

As children we are trained to believe that we are not good enough if we fail. In order to be viable at this beautiful creation we have found ourselves in… called life, we must be a great ‘success.’ But what is it really to be successful? In our quest to attain achievement there may be times when we may stop and ask ourselves is this really what we want? Forgetting or maybe never knowing that it is through trial and error that we come to live a fulfilled, rich, successful life we may become bogged down in a life that is less than what we had hoped for.

What if we look at failure as Adventure?

Freedom comes to mind. If we gave ourselves the luxury, the freedom to co-create a life of wonder, a life of creativity and exploration…a cultivation of love, peace and wisdom within ourselves, how would that manifest outside ourselves?

I’d like to invite you to take a moment to breathe deeply into your lower abdomen, settling into your chair, and feel gently into this moment. Are you where you want to be? If you were to manifest your brilliance, your joy, or your future you, how would that feel? 🙂

There is an ancient Sufi Quality that speaks to our hearts, It is named ‘Al-Kabir’ and refers to the manifestation of the greatest possibility of our lives. The mantra is: “Ya Allah Al Kabir’. It touches that delicate place in our heart that is scared and helps provide a feeling of expansion, love and safety. These Sufi Qualities contain a tone, a melody in their recitation that allows for a higher vibration to settle into our bodies, minds, heart and spirit. Our intention is opening to Divinity, to Light, to Love…and aligning our highest selves and wisdom accordingly. Studied around the world for centuries, Sufi prayers and Sufi healing brings forth a beautiful Divine light which illuminates our minds as well as the totality of our beings…healing in a unique and powerful way. As we set our intention, the architecture of light that creates our experiences swirls into creation. We are powerful creators of our destiny’s and have such tremendous potential to realize our most precious dreams for the goodness of all of humanity.

I have found personally, while studying Sufism and spiritual healing, that those moments in which I can open to receive and live in this ‘light’ are moments that magically create my day in a way that my ‘self’ would never be capable of. Life takes on a beauty that is rich beyond measure. For me those days are like precious pearls in my life!

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